Welcome to AERO-i

A Gloucestershire based company, specialising in aerial drone photography and filming services

  • 1080 HD and 4K Video available

  • Live Video Feed for clients

  • Qualified UAV (Drone) Pilots

  • Operational Authorisation (OA) granted by the Civil Aviation Authority



If you are reading this then you probably already have a good idea about the benefits of aerial drone footage. But for the avoidance of doubt, here are a few situations where AERO-i can help you:

Maybe you are trying to sell your car, or your house?…….let us elevate your viewings and increase your sale chances with a bespoke video and aerial drone photos.

Maybe you manage a construction company and you are looking for a good way to oversee the current project and keep track of progression?

Maybe you are a landscape gardener and simply want a spectacular way to showcase your work?

Maybe you have a leaky roof and you need to assess the damage but don’t fancy risking the climb yourself?

Perhaps you are looking for a different perspective from your wedding video?

Maybe you are organising an outdoor event and feel drone footage could help promote it?

You get the idea!  The list goes on, and in reality if you think “I wonder if it could be done with a drone?” then it probably has been somewhere.  The applications for drone photography and filming are extensive and varied. Whatever your idea get in touch and here at AERO-i, we will endeavour to help.


Operational Authorisation Granted – UAS2719